Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Updates to Our Services after Penguin 2.0 Update

An entire new approach is happening in the Internet marketing world since the Penguin-2 update.
Based on the penguin-2 update we have now introduced the following services

1. Website Audit Service 

Our website audit process includes an analysis of main pages on the website, key sections of the website that are heaviest in use, and design and development aspects that could be improved. An analysis of the HTML/CSS code for validation and load times is provided with advice on how to improve the code. Common issues including 301 redirect issues and broken links are identified to be fixed for usability and to prevent or cure penalization from major search engines.

2. Social Media Package

Maintaining good relations with the existing customers is key for a successful business as it leads to more customer loyalty, more business and free advertisement through likes, shares, recommendation etc. Monitoring the brand online is quiet essential as there are numerous cases of ex-employees, demanding clients emotional customers, competitors etc.

3. On Page Optimization

You certainly need on page web site optimization if you seek permanent presence on the top search results. The on page optimization works miraculously to support proper indexing of your web site in top directories. This significant integrated SEO technique makes your web site easily reachable and accessible by various search engines. As a result, your site attains an everlasting position and brilliant presence in the world of search engines.
We also have fine tuned some of our existing services to comply with Google's latest update.

1. Local Business Marketing

By selecting our smart local business SEO services, your website can have better ranks, improved visibility, and enormous lead generation. This is the most valuable technique to boost your online business through local promotion.

2. Social Media Branding

Social media branding is much more cosmic than just Facebook and Twitter; it is full of hundreds of vivid websites that can effectively be utilized for your brand promotion and positive social signals. It necessitates you to avail our crucial promotion program for following benefits:

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