Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Service Update - On Page Optimization and Page Speed Services

Dear KJ SEO Clients,

Thank you for being a client of ours - we're writing to let you know about some new features we've developed that will help you save time and achieve better ROI.

On page Optimization
One of the most positive ROI areas that we have found in helping rank better is doing the proper on site optimization. We have found that your rankings can easily improve from not being ranked at all, to being ranked page 1, simply by making a few changes on your website. New features and ranking factors come out on a regular basis, so it pays to overhaul your website to become compliant.

Why you need on-page optimization?
You certainly need on page web site optimization if you seek permanent presence on the top search results. The on page optimization works miraculously to support proper indexing of your web site in top directories. This significant integrated SEO technique makes your web site easily reachable and accessible by various search engines. As a result, your site attains an everlasting position and brilliant presence in the world of search engines.

Once you have realized the true potential of efficient on page SEO service, we can bring you promised results.

Let us do the work of keeping up to date, and making your website better:

Page Speed Service
As found in the recent surveys, almost everybody looks ahead to increase page loading of their website promptly for a better experience. Moreover, a lot of probable customers are lost because of slow speed and partially loaded information. Why would anyone wait long to get the site loaded while plenty of other sites are readily available with faster speed and great content. With every second of delay, over 7% of potential customers are lost. This may immensely affect your online business performance and thus your overall profits.

Enhance the speed of your site by availing our servicing package

Did You Know...
* We can submit to any custom list of websites that you want?
* We can work with your account to help you remove any manual or unnatural links penalties?
* We are able to flexibility customize any marketing work you'd like us to do? For example, if you'd like us to write 10 descriptions with college educated American writers, and submit that to a specific list of law directories, just let us know and we'll set that up for you, so that you can order that on a recurring basis.

We aim to be your one stop shop for developing and fulfilling marketing/web management products.

Please visit our blog to keep track of our updates and announcements : http://kjprweblog.blogspot.in/

Thanks again for using our services and as always, if there are any questions/comments/feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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