Thursday, 17 May 2012

Important SEO Strategy Update Post Google Penguin Update

As per the current google algorithms update, we have changed our linking strategy used with our press release services. We strongly recommend only one "URL link" per press release and the anchor texts used would be natural such as “visit website”, “more information”, “read more” as applicable. 

This is because after the penguin update, using “exact match” keywords as the anchor text would qualify for the over-optimization penalty. So, the above changes have been made with our strategies.

If we are not using the keywords as the anchor text, how is my website going to rank?
This would be the big question arising in your mind now. According to the current Google algorithm, the anchor text should be natural and should make sense to the reader alone (not to the search engine bots).

The bots on the other hand would sense the information from the content on board your website along with the meta title and description and would decide which keyword to rank the page for. So, as long as you are building links back using the natural anchor tags, the page would rank high based on the onsite information.

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